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What Our Clients Say

“The Table for six staff got to know me and my quirky sense of humour, they do a good job of matching the personalities at the dinner table. The whole process is personalised but not patronising, it doesn’t feel like a business transaction. Thanks Table for six, I have not laughed so much in years!”

– P.

“I’m self employed and work by myself.  I’ve done the bars and clubs, but it wasn’t really me.  I didn’t know where to look to find other single people to socialise with – until I discovered table for six.  Thanks table for six!”

– John, 36

“I was sick of being single and stuck in a rut at home with just the TV for company.  Now my circle of friends has increased and I look forward to the table for six dinners and events.”

– Cathy, 48

“I work for a huge corporation and am surrounded by people at work.  But my social life was non-existent, just work functions.  I have lots to offer and share so decided to extend my boundaries and join table for six.  I’m glad I did.”

– Martin, 28

“I’m into the outdoors and just love the mountain biking, kayaking and tramping events.  I take the attitude that I’m going to enjoy myself.  I’ve met lots of cool people along the way and enjoyed a few dates too.”

– Nikki, 35

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