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What Our Clients Say

“The Table for six staff got to know me and my quirky sense of humour, they do a good job of matching the personalities at the dinner table. The whole process is personalised but not patronising, it doesn’t feel like a business transaction. Thanks Table for six, I have not laughed so much in years!”

– P.

“I’m self employed and work by myself.  I’ve done the bars and clubs, but it wasn’t really me.  I didn’t know where to look to find other single people to socialise with – until I discovered table for six.  Thanks table for six!”

– John, 36

“I was sick of being single and stuck in a rut at home with just the TV for company.  Now my circle of friends has increased and I look forward to the table for six dinners and events.”

– Cathy, 48

“I work for a huge corporation and am surrounded by people at work.  But my social life was non-existent, just work functions.  I have lots to offer and share so decided to extend my boundaries and join table for six.  I’m glad I did.”

– Martin, 28

“I’m into the outdoors and just love the mountain biking, kayaking and tramping events.  I take the attitude that I’m going to enjoy myself.  I’ve met lots of cool people along the way and enjoyed a few dates too.”

– Nikki, 35

“To all you singles…hang in there.  There is the perfect person out there for everyone, all you have to do is keep looking.  table for six increases the possibility that you will meet someone special.  It worked for me!”

– Jackie, 24