About Us

Do you want to have an amazing social life?

Where do you meet people?

Would you be the first to admit that your personal life sometimes takes second place?

Maybe all of your friends are in relationships, perhaps you are new to Auckland or simply too busy to manage a social life.

Where do you go to help improve your social life?

Table for six of course!

First, we invite you to meet with us at our first floor office in Parnell Road. We’ll chat about what you want (and don’t want) and get to know you so we can do a great job of providing you with great service.

There is a form to be completed and signed and we’ll make you aware of our terms around privacy and security, for your safety and the safety of our members. A membership fee applies.

This will take less than half an hour. Then, with the formalities over, the fun begins.

Now what?

We will phone you and ask if you would like to join a dinner with five other members. The other members will be in your age group and we’ll use our relationship skills to match you with people we think you will enjoy.

Dinners are held at quality restaurants all over Auckland, Tuesday to Saturday nights.

OK – so I arrive at the restaurant, what next?

Our hostess will meet you on arrival, show you to your table and introduce you by first name to the other guests.

Once all the guests are seated and introduced, our hostess leaves you to enjoy a night of good food and conversation. This is the part where friendship and romance can blossom

At the end of the evening, you only pay for what you have ordered; the restaurant will give you an individual account.

How about other events?

Events are held fortnightly. Energise yourself at our cocktail parties and sporting events including, kayaking, tramping and mountain biking. Cruise along to our arts, wine and food events including brunches, wine trails, wine & cheese nights, theatre nights and book club. The cost varies according to the event.

What if I meet someone I want to see again?

Great, the table for six team can help you out. We will approach the person on your behalf and arrange contact details if the person agrees. Then it’s over to you!

If the other person does not wish to meet again, we’ll let you know, saving you feeling awkward in this situation. We’ll also give you plenty of friendly encouragement. There is a member assist fee charged for this service.